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Current Status - On the Way to G8000
Gallitzendörfer's Participation on Musikmesse Frankfurt (1987-1997)
Development of 2nd Implementation of the G7000 System successfully finished
Development of 2nd Implementation of the G7000 System started
UHT Digital Cembalo Project stopped
G7000 delivered as OEM Product
G7000 Board Successfully Passed Windows Millennium (ME)Tests
"MI" Algorithm - Gallitzendörfer holds the Patent Rights for Matrix Memory too
G7000 Board: Interim Status
G7000 Board: Update to Revision 1
Gallitzendörfer confirms cooperation with Master Keyboard Manufacturer - 1000+ G100 Boards delivery planned
G7000 Board - Actual Status
G7000 Board Successfully Passed Performance Tests
Gallitzendörfer Cancels Participation On Musikmesse Frankfurt, Germany 1999 (March 3. - 7.)
Gallitzendörfer has released the system level drivers for the G7000 DSP Board
About Gallitzendörfer's Information Strategy
Gallitzendörfer invests in SMD Manufacturing Equipment
Musikmesse Frankfurt: Gallitzendörfer shows the only new tone generation algorithm: the MATRIX INTERPOLATION ("MI")
Musikmesse Frankfurt: Gallitzendörfer presents the highest performance DSP Audio processing solution
Gallitzendörfer confirms cooperation with Harddisk Recording distributor
New Products Exposed On Musikmesse Frankfurt, Germany 1998 (March 11. - 15.) - Hall 9.0 Stand A23

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